LUX-HDA (High Definition Art) is the merger of art and design, tradition and technology. Through a proprietary interplay of painting, HD video and computer animation, we are now able to offer you customized high-definition artwork for flat-screen plasma and LCD displays as well as large-format projection on glass, fabric, water and solid surfaces.

LUX-HDA encompasses a wide range of visual style, from gently-evolving works that change "on the edge of perception" for spas and lounge areas, to high-energy compositions for nightclubs and special events.

LUX-HDA can be precisely tailored to your specifications.  We coordinate content, color and themes with your overall design scheme, giving you a changeable collection unique to your venue. Music is optional; LUX-HDA can even be synchronized with your own in-house playlist.

LUX-HDA is extremely easy to install and operate. Your collection can be remotely uploaded via the Internet, and can be updated and programmed follow any schedule, completely hands-free. We are partnered with industry-leading technology companies to ensure the best possible integration, installation and service. 

To schedule a demo and explore how LUX-HDA can be a part of your vision, please contact:

Julian Siminski, Principal
LUX Art & Design


Original High Definition Artwork created from watercolors, programmed to evolve "on the edge of perception."

Additional samples are available for online viewing. To request a custom online presentation or onsite demonstration, please contact

To view our video introduction to LUX-HDA, please click here.

LUX-HDA (High Definition Art)